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Free Conference Calling

You can now enjoy free conference calling! As more and more businesses recognize the need to expand their businesses in the international arena, the importance of conference calling cannot be stressed more. By using Free Conference Calling, companies can gain an edge through improved communication, improved dissemination of information, reduced travel costs, and better productivity!

We are gearing up to launch our brand new free conference calling service. This exciting new service offers completely free conference calling available from any phone 24/7. Soon, businesspeople and other professionals will be able to activate a conference room, and enjoy all the benefits of using state of the art teleconferencing services free of charge.

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What is
Conference Calling?

Conference calling is a technology that enables large numbers of people to connect with each other over the phone in a virtual meeting room at a pre-arranged time. Also called teleconferencing, a conference call is an inexpensive yet efficient way for participants and groups from different locations to hold business and staff meetings, training sessions, consultation, etc. using this telephone technology.
Why use
Conference Calling?

In a busy and globalized marketplace, conference calling has been an indispensable tool in revolutionizing the way that people do business, both on the Internet and offline. Businesses that learn to use conference calling effectively will have a major competitive advantage.
Conference Calling

Free conference calling is finally here! Our free conference calling service is the most cost-effective way to get groups of people together in one call. Normally, conference call services charge users a flat monthly fee, or a per minute fee. With free conference calls, the user pays no charges, except the normal long distance or local rate charge to call the service provider's computer.
Family & Friends

Conference calling has truly come of age. No longer is conference calling used only by large organizations or businesses, but it is now commonly used to connect family and friends. Conference call technology is helping friends and family maintain strong bonds, and stay in touch, no matter where they live.


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