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What Do Real Estate Investors And The Rich Have In Common

So many people - regular people like you and me - are completely mystified when it comes to the rich. They talk like they think you have to be born rich or that there is some sort of sorcery that people do to make themselves rich. They talk as though it is completely beyond them, that it is almost an impossibility for them to ever be wealthy, or say that you virtually have to sell your soul in order to achieve real wealth. They say those things because they truly don't know. And that's simply because they haven't thought it through. If they had, they would know that there is no magic involved other than the magic of numbers, and that is a magic anyone can learn.

They would know that the rich are rich simply because they know how to make the money come their way and that is a skill anyone can learn. The rich aren't more intelligent than other people. It's just that they have either figured out a few secrets, or (and this is more likely) that they have been taught those secrets by someone who knows.

Those secrets are open to you and me, just as they are open to Donald Trump and Bill Gates. They are for anyone who wants to learn them and use them. The first thing that people learn when they are on their way to becoming rich is that there are only so many hours per day you can work and there is only so much people are willing to pay you to do a job. Those things are finite. You can't work yourself into your dreams of wealth, that's for sure.

What you can do is use the system to turn small amounts of money into larger amounts by investing. That, in a single word, is the magic of the rich. Investing. But you can't just jump into investing unless you are already making enough money to support your needs, with extra to use to learn about investing.

That means you are going to have to grant yourself permission to make some mistakes and lose some money, but the payoff in the end will be great. In order to do that, you have to increase your paycheck, and you probably won't be able to do it with most 9-to-5 jobs. If you are an executive, that is one thing. Even a college professor can pull in a nice, tidy sum, though they have to be careful about spending it all to show off their paycheck. But what you will probably have to do is start a business system so that you can eventually let it run itself, giving you plenty of time to learn about investing or even start an additional system.

That, of course, may take a bit of courage on your part. Robert Kiyosaki, who wrote the Rich Dad book series, said it like this. "To be successful you need to learn to overcome your fear of being rejected and stop worrying what others will say about you. You need to learn to lead people." That is what will do it?because you don't need to have a business that requires you to be there to nurse it constantly.

That type of business will not help you become rich. The kind of business that will help you is one in which you can train others to do the work for you and leave you free to do other things, like learn the business of investing while your business takes care of you. That is the secret of the rich.

Alex Anderson Is A Licensed Minnesota Real Estate Agent Who Helps People To Find And Purchase Money-Making Investment Properties in MN. Get A Free Copy Of "The Investors' Rental Guide" At http://www.GreatInvestmentProperty.com

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What Do Real Estate Investors And The Rich Have In Common - So many people - regular people like you and me - are completely mystified when it comes to the rich.