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Where Can You Find Mallorca Property For Sale Away From the Crowds

If you are looking for some of the best and most exclusive Mallorca property for sale, head for the North West coast of the island. Divided from the rest of the island by the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, this coast is not as easily accessible as many other parts of Mallorca, although this situation has been improved in recent years. Being more remote is probably one reason why this part of the island has become so popular with the world's rich and famous.

Deia is a small, picturesque coastal village and has been famous for many years for its literary and musical inhabitants. More recently, famous owners here include Richard Branson, and Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones. This is a very desirable little village to own property in, though being small, properties don't become available very often and when they do they are usually snapped up very quickly for the top dollar.

So finding a Mallorca property for sale here is difficult, to say the least! The best way to get in with the crowd is to visit the 20 or so restaurants and bars around the village, and do a bit of star-spotting! For a slightly better chance of finding a Mallorca property for sale, you can try nearby Soller and Port de Soller. Soller is the original town, set back a mile or so away from the coast and has retained some of its old buildings, many of which are art nouveau. Port de Soller is a newer resort village, set around a horseshoe bay though doesn't have much of a beach to speak of. The village is more popular as a base for walking and cycling in the mountains and you can easily journey between Soller and Port Soller via the tramway which links them. A couple of miles from Soller are the very traditional villages of Fornalutx and Biniaraix.

The two villages are pretty much untouched by tourism and are therefore popular for those seeking very traditional Mallorca property for sale. Unfortunately properties don't come onto the market very often here either! Further south along this coast, at the south west tip of Mallorca you'll find the ancient town of Andratx. This is another town where you could find the rich and famous as your neighbour. Until recently the town was just inhabited by Mallorcans but it's been discovered by the likes of Tom Cruise and Michael Schumacher over recent years and, like Deia, is a very desirable place to own property. Fortunately it hasn't yet been discovered by the major tour operators so if you're looking for somewhere far from the maddening crowds this could be it! You're also more likely to find Mallorca property for sale here too.

Are you seeking Mallorca properties in those exclusive towns and villages which the island has become famous for? You need to have a look at Mallorca properties for sale in Deia, Soller and Andratx if you want a famous neighbour!

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