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Attraction Marketing How Does It Apply To My Network Marketing Business

So you have a network marketing business, a product to sell and lots of headaches because things are just not going like they should. If you have recently moved out of one opportunity, and jumped into another one in hopes of finding real success, keep in mind that the solution may not be in choosing a new company. Your solution may be to become 'more attractive'. Say what? Attraction Marketing is all about psychology. It is premised on the simple fact that the majority of people are followers, going through life seeking a leader. Ever been placed on a jury? A small group of complete strangers are thrown into a room together, and within 15 minutes, someone has emerged as a leader.

Why are people fascinated with celebrities and physical beauty? With the powerful and connected? People are social creatures, seeking structure, seeking success or a feeling of power through association. People are naturally drawn (attracted) to those who display strength, knowledge, physical prowess, physical beauty and leadership. We are basically hard-wired this way. Now, when we are talking about success (or lack of it) in our network marketing business, coming to terms with your 'attractiveness' or 'unattractiveness' is key. And mind you, this is not about outward beauty or physical stature.

People are naturally attracted to those who display the characteristics and qualities of a leader. So there it is, if you have been looking for the 'magic key' to your business success. Are you a leader? Do other people see you as a leader? If not, it is imperative that you change this perception, starting now. If you have been in network marketing for any length of time, you have probably read books, listened to audio recordings and attended training events designed to change and improve your mindset. True, the self-development journey must begin without delay, and certainly mindset is foundational.

However, asserting yourself, by choice, to become a leader? This is an additional goal that you must consciously act upon. By now you may be thinking, "I am just not cut out to be a leader." Perhaps. But do you know for certain? Many of us have not dared to reach for leadership, simply out of fear or laziness. Maybe we just really lack basic belief in ourselves. Self-limiting beliefs are difficult to change, and require a great deal of effort to overcome.

Do you have the desire to change? Desire is the first step. Mike Dillard, author of Magnetic Sponsoring, says that there are basically three types of people, operating from three different mindsets: Alphas (leaders), Pre-Alphas and Betas (followers). It may be a journey of months, or possibly years, but one CAN move from follower to LEADER. It requires commitment to pushing outside of our comfort zones and it means doing things we have previously not done. Could you moderate a team conference call? Help train new distributors in internet network marketing methods? Develop a web site or blog, offering information and value to other networkers? Learn how to create and administer a team advertising co-op on the internet? These types of actions and skills will begin to position you as an expert and a leader.

Your goal is to become an Alpha Marketer: one who is knowledgeable, confident, positive and naturally attractive. Soon you will have people seeking you out, to join your team, to join your business--to join YOU. Change your belief about yourself and you will change your results. This is the essence of Attraction Marketing.


Cathy Yeatts is an internet network marketing specialist. She maintains a network marketing review blog, a women's health site and various business opportunity sites. Learn about attraction marketing, internet marketing and how to grow your business. Cathy is the Official Guide to Network Marketing and MLM's at Selfgrowth.com.

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