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Four Tips To Build Your Own Successful MLM OptIn List

If you currently are operating a MLM business from home you already know how important it is to have a continuous flow of highly targeted prospects. You also know that to help your business grow, some of your prospects need to join your MLM home-based opportunity. While most MLM companies have a way for their distributors to keep in touch with their prospects with tools such as an autoresponder, in reality, much more is needed. Distributors in MLM opportunities need to be able to create their own opt-in lists through other creative strategies; they need to have a way to stand out from the crowded field of distributors that is so unique people will want to sign up and receive more information from them by subscribing to their list.

The good news is there is a way to do this. Here are four tips to help you build in your own, highly responsive and targeted MLM opt-in list. Tip #1: Research your competitor‚??s websites. Look at how they market their items.

Study if they have a clean web page; look to see if they are missing something in their message and how your approach can be different. Doing this will give you ideas about what you can do better when building your own list of opt-in subscribers. Tip #2: Visit forums. Go to Google and type in whatever product your MLM company promotes along with the word forum.

When you find a forum, lurk around quietly and see what people are saying about your product. Listen and see if there is are additional problems or concerns that the other websites you visited have not solved. This gives you the perfect opportunity to solve whatever the issues and be viewed as an expert.

Most people would be willing to opt-in to your list if they realize you have something of value to offer. Tip #3: Set up Joint Ventures. Research who else is selling your company‚??s product or something similar (e.g. health club).

Look at other sites as well that may not be in direct competition, but who have products or services that could be of interest to your prospects. For example, maybe your product is a health juice, and your local chiropractor sends out a monthly newsletter to his customers. You could ask your chiropractor if he would be willing to let you write an article to include in his newsletter (with your signature file at the end of course!). In return, you could promote the benefits of chiropractic medicine to your customers along with a recommendation for your local prospects to visit the chiropractor and receive a 50% discount off the first office visit. The chiropractor, of course, would need to be willing to take 50% off the first visit.

This would be a win-win situation for both of you. You would get more exposure for your business and your chiropractor more patients. Tips#3: Create your own unique lead capture or splash page.

This page should have the solutions to the problems your research showed people have as well as a link to your site to click for more information. Tip#4: Create a newsletter. You could use your lead capture page as a means for people to sign up for your newsletter.

Your newsletter should have good quality content and provide useful information to your subscribers. It should be sent out at least once a month and can include any other back-end offers or products that you promote which might be of potential interest to your list. Of course, links on how people can sign up or get the products of your MLM company would also be included as well! These are simple tips that you can use to create your own unique opt-in MLM list of prospects on an on-going basis. They will help you stand out from the field of distributors of your company, and help your business to continue to grow.

Monique's Hawkins enjoys sharing information with business owners that will help them attain success. For exciting information about how to receive a free list building report and how to get your own free Franchise ,visit http://www.tophomebasedbusinesstips.ws

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