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How To Promote Your MLM Opportunity Online The Easy Way

Let's face it; promoting your MLM program online should be a slam-dunk, shouldn't it? Millions of opportunity seekers looking for extra income, automated lead generation and follow up systems that can contact and sort through thousands of prospects at the push of a button, and lots of money to be earned if you get it right. Why then is it so hard to find qualified, active members for your downline on the Internet? The main reason is that most people are approaching their lead generation the wrong way. Let me explain. Most people starting off in Network Marketing start looking for 'opportunity seekers.

Here's something you probably didn't realize.the average opportunity seeker is looking for something they can do that - A. Doesn't require much, if any work B. Doesn't cost anything to get started but pays a regular income C. Doesn't have any risk attached, especially the risk of being rejected By trying to attract opportunity seekers to your business, what you are most likely doing is attracting people who are looking for a 'JOB'.

These people are exactly the wrong market for your MLM business because even if you DO get them on board, they will suck up your time and most likely never help to build your business. Let's look at a better alternative. Glenda suffers from chronic arthritis, has done for years, and is searching online for something to finally give her some measure of relief. She finds a great website article on the benefits of a wonderful product that has been shown to work for others, orders a trial amount to give it a go, and discovers that her prayers have been answered. Glenda is so impressed with the product that she tells, Shirley, Ann and Bill, her friends from the Over 50's activity center.

Bill, Ann and Shirley are also impressed with the benefits of the product and tell other people about it. Soon, hundreds of people are using the product after being referred to it by people they trust. This is the way MLM is supposed to work. The problem is, if you follow many of the industry's training guidelines, you'll never find Glenda or her friends because your business is not looking for her - the actual customer.

I know several people who earn thousands of dollars a month by promoting the PRODUCTS first, and THEN the opportunity. By focusing on what your customers want, and not the income you may receive from your downline, you set your MLM business up for success right from the start. Bottom Line? Build a website around the BENEFITS of the PRODUCTS your company provides (not the opportunity), attract customers to those products by PRE-selling them to potential customers (again, using the benefits they provide), then let them know that they can earn referral fees by sharing the benefits (the very benefits they themselves have experienced) of your products with others.

You will be building a long term, sustainable income stream from 'real' customers who love and continue to order your products and not people who are really just looking for a get rich quick scheme or a job.

Rocky Tapscott is the author a free 7 Part Mini Course "How To Build The Perfect Home Based Business Around Your Favorite Hobby, Pastime, Sport Or Skill" which shows how to make money doing what you love. Drop by http://www.hobbyandlifestyle.com/ecourse.html to grab your free copy.

Free Conference Calling

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