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How You Can Relocate With Fewer Moving Costs

Cost counts. That is a basic fact to realize if you are planning to move. The cost is usually the top priority when relocating. Whether someone or you will shoulder the expenses, it is better to include in your plans the following questions: 1. How to budget your moving? 2.

How to save from moving expenses? 3. How to approximate correctly? How to budget your move? Learn to study and prepare your budget. Have an estimate of your expenses from the beginning of your plans until the accomplishment of your moving. Also, be careful in budgeting if you will hire a certified moving company.

Know the total weight of your moving package, distance from your source to your destination, time, and means of access to your new address. In addition to that, pursue relocating during off-peak seasons to lessen your expenses. You should avoid relocating during summer days, holidays, last week and last day of each month, first three days of each month, and weekends. These are busy days and you are expected to pay higher than the regular charge during non-busy days. Suggested months to relocate are between October and April.

You should also anticipate renting a hotel for you (and your family) while your baggage is en route. You might also rent a vehicle to tow your car. Other utility fees must be expected to disconnect or to connect old or new services.

How to save from moving expenses? Are you willing to perform some tasks in your relocation? Remember that the more task you volunteered to do, the less your expense is. For example, if you decide to load and unload your other things onto the truck, you will save the cost that you should have paid to the ones who did the loading and unloading of your baggage. Think of the cost that you are obliged to pay if you rent a full-service mover that will do the packing, loading, driving, and unloading.

Isn't it a good idea to do the loading and/or unloading to lessen your moving expenses? On the other hand, you can less your moving expenses if your credit cards and non-dormant bank accounts offer cash back bonuses. You may also have some savings if you will approach your friends and ask for or buy their used boxes they've used in moving. Collect old newspapers, crumple them and make them as replacements for bubble wrap to support your fragile things. You may also shop around the market for the cheapest moving supplies. But before you do these, find out first if your moving company offers these services.

Most moving companies offer these services for free. Furthermore, an "I pack, you drive" deal will surely give you savings on your moving. Pack your things into your boxes and leave the rest to your moving company. As a rule of thumb, check the things you really have to bring in advance. If you will think of the must-bring things the moment the delivery truck arrives, you might forget something important.

Moreover, it may cost you much because some moving companies are basing their charge on the time spent in servicing. So, get rid of unwanted things to lessen the time or even the weight of your moving. How to approximate correctly? Long distance moves charges are based on weight and distance while local moves charges rely on working time.

Aside from those charges, some moving companies are charging additional services they offer such as packing and unpacking, extra fuel, long walk, a shuttle bus and a heavy item such as a piano. Along with these agreed services with the moving company must be a printed contract with the complete details that have been agreed upon such as the items to be transferred, charges, delivery time and address, contact numbers, insurance statement, and the total cost of all expenses. On the other hand, you may consult other moving companies to compare.

There is no charge on this so take the opportunity. On your survey, you'll find out that there are compulsory (binding) and optional (non-binding) estimates. Most often you'll prefer compulsory estimates and you'll surely find the reason on your survey. When you're bags are packed, you must be sure and prepared enough to face the costs and charges of your moving.

Learn not to spend much if you can spend little.

Lee Dobbins writes for http://www.moving-and-more.com where you can learn more about making your move easier as well as reducing your moving costs.

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