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Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Consultants The Difference

Realtors are well known professionals that have formed the foundation of the real estate industry for years. So much so that few people ever have to ask what it is that they do. As the industry evolves, however, a newer profession has emerged: the real estate consultant. Contrary to what many people think, a consultant has a very different role from that of an agent. Though the two professions have some similarities, they have just as many differences.

The objectives of a consultant are much different from that of an actual agent. The agent is primarily focused on selling homes, and making a profit from the sale of that home. Because of this, he/she will have a slightly different approach to their dealings with a consumer. A consultant, on the other hand, does not have the objective of selling a home. In fact, he/she is completely unbiased in the purchase or sale of a property.

His/her primary concern is helping the consumer satisfy his real estate needs. There is no financial gain based on the sale of a home. Instead, profits are made by the services offered. When you work with a consultant, he/she might seem to be unbiased or even disinterested. It is the consultant's job to be concerned about the real estate situation, but not necessarily about a specific outcome. To make an unbiased decision, he/she must be completely objective in the situation.

While a realtor will usually do what is necessary to convince a consumer to purchase a home, the consultant will be perfectly honest with consumers. If he/she believes that the property will not meet the needs of the consumer, the consumer will be advised not to purchase the house. A consultant wants to be sure that correct results will be achieved in a real estate transaction. To do this, he/she will ask many questions about the consumer's wants and needs.

He/she will then look for different ways that the consumer's objectives can be achieved. This is very much unlike an agent, who believes that all a consumer's needs can be met with the sale of a home. For consultants, time is money. They do not want to waste time, nor do they wish to waste the clients's time. Each minute the consultant spends on a dead-end deal is a minute that he could have been spending on a more profitable deal. They will make sure to advise the consumer of a deal that is destined to go sour.

Not doing so would be an injustice to both. There are situations where the services of a realtor will be needed and situations where a real estate consultant will be needed. Knowing the difference between the two professions will help you to know which you need.

Tabitha Naylor is an experienced mortgage broker/consultant with Apex Financial Mortgage. For more information, or additional resources on home loans, visit Apex Financial Mortgage

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