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Something New from eBay

Ebay got it so right the first time that over the years there have been very few additions to or changes made in the original. That says a lot about the planning that went into the site in the beginning. When eBay bought Paypal in 2002 it was a big step and one of the very few changes that have ever been made.

It was an excellent business decision that has proven to be very beneficial to buyers and sellers on eBay not to mention the bottom line of the corporation itself. http://ezeebizz.com/index.htm Then in January of 2006 eBay made another change. This one has proven to be beneficial to buyers and sellers that make use of the eBay website as well.

This big change is called the eBay Express. eBay Express puts emphasis on new merchandise and creates a little distance between eBay and online flea markets. However, the site does say that there is new, used and refurbished items that are for sale.

All of the items that are listed under eBay Express will have fixed prices. The auction has been an eBay standard from its inception but eBay Express does not have an auction alternative selection. There is a shopping cart available so that customers can make multiple purchases from the same seller. This has been a feature that has been lacking. http://ezeebizz.com/index.

htm The requirements for sellers to use the eBay Express option are fairly stringent. It isnt open to just anybody. A seller is required to have a feedback score of at least 98% and it must be public rather than private feedback.

Additionally there is a requirement that a seller must have a Paypal Premier or Business account that is set to ship to unconfirmed addresses. Sellers are also required to state shipping costs. Thank you, http://ezeebizz.com/index.htm.

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Free Conference Calling

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