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The Dark Side To Debt Consolidation Companies

One would have to be living under a rock to not have noticed the explosive growth of consumers in debt and the companies who specialize in helping them recover from their financial crisis. The companies who make debt consolidation their business have long been big advertisers on the web and now they can frequently be found on TV. If you are looking for help from these companies make sure you do some homework and check them out. A number of these debt consolidation "organizations" facing legal action by the FTC, state attorney generals and the IRS all over their reported "non-profit" status. You think you have problems? One company has actually watched numerous lawsuits be filed against them, by the FTC along with individual states added to their mounting legal problems.

At times when these kind of legal problems arise a company will simply break off into a range of separate companies or reform under a new name, they still exist in some way, shape or form. From all the bad press that has circulated and the legal actions on these types of companies in the debt consolidation space many of these businesses no longer refer to themselves as a debt consolidation company. You now hear the term or phrases used like debt negotiation or debt settlement companies to disguise their true purpose and mask some who could be using questionable tactics and should be avoided. To check out any company start with your local consumer protection agency or the Better Business Bureau where the company is located. Be aware that a company with a good rating may carry absolutely no meaning. It has been shown that over 75% of the complaints submitted to the Better Business Bureau do not go against the rating of the company if the complaint has been considered resolved.

Also remember the Better Business Bureau carries neither authority to investigate complaints nor the authority to resolve them. A word of caution! Debt "negotiation," "settlement" or consolidation companies registered in Maryland or Florida is not currently regulated by the state. You can find many companies specializing in helping to debt issues that are outside of Florida and Maryland.

Finding one in another state could offer another layer of protection if you carry any doubts. You can find on the web a number of sites offering reviews from customers on their experience with these companies specializing in debt consolidation and bad credit loans. This is worth the effort to check them out and see if customers have experienced any issues or problems before taking the step of signing up. Before you commit make sure you have read and understand all of their terms and conditions.

We've created the perfect resource for you on the topic of bad credit debt consolidation loans Visit us at http://www.everlife.com/debt-consolidation-loans.php.

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