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Things to Consider Before You Select a Debt Settlement Company

With consumer debt at an all time high, increasing numbers of people are looking for a way to financial freedom. As a result, the popularity of the debt settlement company is growing at a steady pace. A company that negotiates your outstanding unsecured debt balances, offers one of the quickest ways to financial freedom. These companies, sometimes referred to as debt negotiation companies have arbitrators that negotiate directly with your creditors to have your unsecured credit balances reduced.

Consumer credit card balances are usually reduced from 35-65 percent, allowing you to save a substantial amount of money and pay off your outstanding balances quickly. Companies that negotiate your debt usually require at least $10,000 or more in unsecured credit card balances before they will take you on as a client. There are some things you should consider before you choose a company to help you settle your outstanding credit balances. What kind of certifications and accreditations do they have? The company you choose should be a member of the Better Business Bureau and have no unresolved complaints.

Your debt negotiation company should also be a member of the Chamber of Commerce and their negotiators should be certified by the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators. It is also good to know if your debt negotiation company has any alternatives available, in case debt settlement is not going to work for your financial situation. There are financial agencies that can assist you or recommend legal help for using the bankruptcy process. Although debt settlement is your best alternative to bankruptcy, it will not work for everybody. You will want to research your organization's pricing structure to make sure it fits your budget. Getting involved in something that you can not deal with financially is only going to make your life worse and will not help you get out of debt.

It is also a good idea to shop around and see how the agency you are thinking about using compares to other settlement companies. Be wary of any company promising to settle your debts with no negative impact to your credit report. Any time an outstanding balance is settled for less than what is owed, it will have a negative impact on your credit. However, a settlement will not impact your credit to the extent that filing bankruptcy will. Debt settlement can be your way to financial freedom.

Knowing the facts about debt negotiation will help you make an informed decision about your credit and the choices you have available. The best time to get started is now.

Marjorie Salada is the owner of debtmanagement1.com, a website that contains information on debt consolidation, debt settlement, debt counseling and how to manage credit card debt.

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