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Weather in Charleston YearRound

If you're looking for almost perfect weather year-round, South Carolina is where you want to be. With temperatures that stay within about 30 degrees of each other all year, you can't go wrong. Whether you are planning a vacation, moving, or finding somewhere great to retire, stop and take a look at South Carolina. Nestled near the ocean in South Carolina is the great city of Charleston. Being so close in proximity to the water has its good and bad points.

During the summer season it can get a bit humid and the temperatures may rise to about 90 degrees. However, swimming or taking a walk down the beach with the cool ocean breeze swirling around you will help offset the heat. Fortunately, most restaurants and historic sites and attractions are within walking distance of one another. There are also many majestic tree lined streets that provide ample shade for site-seeing. Springtime in Charleston is a must if you love flowers. The Charleston Historic Society runs home and garden tours during this time of year.

March through May the temperatures typically range from a near perfect 65 ? 80 degrees. A walk down Charleston's old street will provide you with gorgeous azaleas, magnolias and peach blossoms to feast your eyes upon. Winter in Charleston is probably the most unpredictable season for weather. Temperature highs can reach 50 one day and 70 the next. The typical high temperature for that time of the year is around 60 degrees.

However, most of the hotels and attractions are in off-season and have lowered their prices drastically. Many people prefer winter just for those reasons. Finally, autumn in Charleston is an experience of its own. With the fall foliage lasting far into November, the Charleston Preservation Society will hold tours of homes and gardens once again. When you step into a beautiful Charlestonian courtyard delicately lit up by candlelight, you feel as if you've been transported in time. Classic autumn temperatures are similar to spring, usually in 65-80 degree range.

Anytime you decide to come, you won't be disappointed. There are always activities happening year-round to participate in. Come and enjoy the city that others have treasured for centuries.

Here the author David Kent writes about Charleston Weather. Charleston's weather is the most unpredictable so The Real Buyers Agent of Charleston goes deep to suggest best days to visit Charleston. For more information on Real Estate Charleston you may visit www.charlestonhome.com.

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