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Work From Home Business in The Turn of The Year

When you begin a Work From Home Business one thing that you get use to hear is: forget your past and look toward your future. At the end of 2006, as all turn of the year the suggestion is focused in your future. Yes, it is good, but why forget our past? Have you got all your goals you expect to in 2006? When December 31 comes we fell that we have concluded a stage and we have started another one. To face the past is fit to do, mainly who wants to learn with the errors and rightness. Yes, we can learn with our past.

Especially who has the strategical plan to leave the life, to conquer a financial leverage, the own business. The end of the year is the time to evaluate the strategical plan. A strategical plan and a pedagogical look at our personal history is very good to calm our past and cheer our future.

Many people use to fix the eyes at their past and forget the future. Generally, its attitudes are to complain about life, the wage, the time and the friends. There are no future on there life, just past. On the other hand, some kind of people looks toward at just their future.

Their personal history, social, cultural experiences are left away. It seems that they were born just at that time. They do not have past, just a future. A business person, man or woman, needs to know how to plan, to do, to check and to act.

These are old advices from the history of the administration to prevent to continue to commit errors. But it evolved and the mainly action is to learn with the experience. That is to make plan, to do, to check and to learn. Learn consistent and continuously is a basic step for who wants to place itself positively in the world of the businesses in this beginning of existing century. Look forward the past without a sense of learning is useless.

Lost of time, as much as the enterprise and personal life. To learn is a kind of fight of the actual world. I will let here a phrase from Bertolt Brecht that can translate the meaning of this fight.

It is about a working or warrior men/women: There are men who fight a day and they are good, there are others who fight a year and they are better, there are some who fight many years and they are very good, but there are some who fight their whole lives and they are the essential ones.

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Free Conference Calling

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